Perhaps you already see how one of NEA’s products could become a valuable asset in your company, but cannot afford to devote staff to move up another learning curve. Or maybe NEA’s expertise in solid fuels chemistry is the perfect complement to your in-house capabilities in fluid mechanics and heat transfer, but no staff member has the necessary background to run our products in-house. Or maybe you already exhausted all your in-house capabilities on a really challenging issue, and need a more sophisticated technical strategy. NEA provides technical consulting services to troubleshoot operational problems, enhance your fuel quality management protocol, and streamline your design activities. As long as your operational problem or forecasting challenge is largely determined by the process chemistry, NEA is already prepared to respond. We can either tap into some previous relevant work, or immediately direct our massive selection of analytical tools to develop a solution that meets your requirements on schedule and on budget. The best solution could be a more powerful engineering regression, or a state-of-the-art simulation based on full chemistry, or a black-box calculation sequence for your own in-house case studies. NEA will find a solution that meets your needs.

Contact NEA to discuss your technical issues and to formulate a solution strategy.